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Nicholas Hoult wants to keep his child's identity private

Nicholas Hoult has opened up about fatherhood and how he is very "precious" about his only child, whose gender and name he wants to keep private while he can.

Nicholas Hoult wants to keep his child's identity private


Nicholas Hoult wants to keep his baby's gender and name private for as long as possible.

The 29-year-old actor welcomed his first child with his long-time girlfriend Bryana Holly into the world last year, and the former 'Skins' star is hoping to keep their "precious" little boy or girl's identity under wraps.

Speaking about how fatherhood has changed his life, Hoult told this week's issue of ES Magazine: "Having a baby puts you in this place where you go, 'oh, okay, this human is going to change a lot.'

"It makes you value time differently, which is why I talk very quickly in interviews now, because I need to get home to them."

And on keeping his tot's gender and moniker to themselves, he added: "Someone will find out soon enough and that's fine, no big deal, but for now it's my own precious little thing and I'm keeping it."

The 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star also opened up about growing up around a household of females - he has two sisters, Rosanna, 35, and Clarista, 26, and an older brother James, 42 - and admitted the world needs to have more "empathy" towards women.

Asked if he adopts any feminine traits, he said: "I hope so. What does that mean? Hopefully being in touch with your feminine side makes you more understanding of what it's like to be female.

"I think we could all try and have a little more empathy now and then."

The 'About A Boy' star - who previously dated Jennifer Lawrence - has been dating 25-year-old lingerie model Bryana since the beginning of 2017.

Hoult has always kept his personal life very private, but last year he opened up about sharing his home with his partner, insisting he's always been comfortable having "girl things" in his space.

He said: "I don't feel as though I'm that possessive over things like that.

"She can put her stuff wherever she likes.

"My dad was an air pilot so he was flying a lot, and I grew up with my two sisters and my mum so I was used to 'girl things' being around and a 'girl environment' in the household."

The full interview appears in this week's edition of ES Magazine, Thursday 24th January 2019.

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