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Minnie Driver calls for Riches return

Minnie Driver would jump at the chance to return to 'The Riches'.

Minnie Driver calls for Riches return


Minnie Driver would return to 'The Riches' "in a heartbeat".

The 48-year-old actress starred opposite Eddie Izzard on the FX drama for two seasons but the show was axed in 2008, with the network citing falling ratings for the cancellation.

However, Minnie has branded the decision "lunacy" and claimed the network only scrapped the show because some of its writers had been "vocal" in the infamous Hollywood Writers' Strike in 2007.

Responding to a tweet asking which cancelled shows people would like to bring back, Minnie posted: "It was a brilliant show, predicated on an even more brilliant idea.

"We were cancelled in the wake of punitive measures taken against writers who were vocal in the writers strike in 2007. Lunacy. I'd make this show again in a heartbeat."

The 'Speechless' actress - who has a 10-year-old son, Henry - previously used Twitter to admit she doesn't think movie sets are a "good place" for children and urged aspiring young actors to finish their education before thinking about their careers.

Minnie made her comments after being asked by photographer Jason Joseph for some advice for his daughter, who is an aspiring actress.

He tweeted: "@driverminnie we have a very talented very curly haired little 10yr old girl here who is auditioning to play The Rock's daughter! Can you offer up any advice for her? :) (sic)"

She simply replied: "Finish school."

Shortly afterwards, she gave a longer response to clarify her stance.

She posted: "Just gave what might be interpreted as a dismissive response 2 children acting. I should clarify:Ive worked with lots of child actors and they are great(mostly) However I will never 4 a sec believe a set is a good place for a child. Education can only ever make you a better actor. (sic)"

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