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Michelle Pfeiffer: Instagram's 'terrifying'

Michelle Pfeiffer only recently signed up to photo sharing site Instagram but has admitted it is "terrifying".

Michelle Pfeiffer: Instagram's 'terrifying'


Michelle Pfeiffer has found Instagram "terrifying".

The 60-year-old actress recently signed up to the photo sharing site and admits she finds it difficult to comprehend because she has "spent her entire life" trying to "avoid" the exposure of social media.

She said: "It's been terrifying for me, honestly. I've spent my entire life avoiding, doing as little as possible, in terms of exposure - literally the least that I could get away with as an actress."

Michelle was inspired to join the social media revolution when her co-stars posted a welcome message for her online when she joined the cast of 'Maleficent 2' and she was unable to respond.

She added to the March issue of InStyle magazine: "It was so sweet, and I wanted to respond, but I couldn't. I had no format. I didn't tweet. I didn't have Instagram. I had nothing. But I've started paying more attention. And I've been following other celebrities who I think are as private as I am, and even they are venturing into the Instagram world. So I'm dipping my toe in. I'll be very tentative in the beginning. But in a weird way, I'm kind of excited about it."

The 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' star had previously opened up about why she has only just decided to give in and use the app, explaining that she feared "saying the wrong thing" and getting "snarky" comments.

She confessed: "I've spent my whole life doing as little as possible and hiding out. I've been really, honestly, anxious about entering into the world of social media, and just fearing I'll say the wrong thing and somebody's gonna get snarky on my feed."

Michelle has many friends on Instagram and felt like she was missing out on having "fun" and interacting with her fans.

On why she signed up now, she added: "I just started realising that I tend to get very curious because so many of my friends have started to engage on Instagram and they seem to be having a lot of fun with it, and I think that I realised that it's actually a really good way to engage with people, and potentially with my fans."

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