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Michael Douglas confirms Ant-Man 3 'talks'

Michael Douglas has confirmed "there has been talk" about the possibility of making 'Ant-Man 3', but insists there is "nothing formal" on the cards.

Michael Douglas confirms Ant-Man 3 'talks'


Michael Douglas says "there has been talk" about making 'Ant-Man 3'.

The 74-year-old actor could well reprise his role as Hank Pym if another movie is made, and while he admits there has been "nothing formal" about the possibility of a follow-up film as yet, Douglas insists he doesn't tend to hear until the third script rewrite anyway.

He said: "There's been talk [about another 'Ant-Man'] ... there's been nothing formal right now that I know of.

"They always kind of spring it on me. The first time you hear about it, it's already in its third rewrite."

Douglas reprised his role for last year's superhero film 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' - which saw Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly play the respective titular characters - but he would not be drawn on speculation that he may appear in 'Avengers: End Game', which drops in April.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "You know I can't say a word about that.

"They have one of those machines that, as soon as you say the word 'Avengers,' a blowgun comes to the side of my neck."

Last August, Rudd admitted there were a few "ideas" about another 'Ant-Man' film but he doesn't like to speculate in case the motion picture doesn't happen.

He said: "I don't know what the plan is, and I haven't really asked, because I don't want to put too much thought into it in case ... well, what if there isn't?

"There are a couple of ideas [for a sequel], but I'd hate to go into any specifics. Even though that is what you want! Because it might not happen."

And in October, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' director Peyton Reed admitted there were plenty of ideas for another film.

He said: "Hopefully we're going to get to do another film, but we honestly don't know yet. But we definitely have a lot of ideas and things we've certainly set up in this movie.

"There is [an idea for a trilogy] ... as we were writing the second one, [we were] coming up with stuff we wanted to set up. We definitely had ideas for character arcs for all the characters, and I certainly have some of my own, some of which I've shared with Marvel, some I haven't."

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