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Matthew McConaughey had a crush on Diane Lane

Matthew McConaughey used to have a crush on Diane Lane when he was a teenager, so was pleased to work with her in 'Serenity'.

Matthew McConaughey had a crush on Diane Lane


Matthew McConaughey used to have a crush on Diane Lane.

The 49-year-old actor - who is married to Camila Alves, with whom he has children Levi, 10, Vida, nine, and Livingston, six - stars alongside the 'Unfaithful' star in the new movie 'Serenity', and has said it was a "privilege" to work with her because he had a crush on her when he was a teenager.

He said: "I had a crush on her since a film she was in - 'Lonesome Dove'. That may have been almost preteens for me, so [now] I get to work with her. She looks about the same as she did back then. And she's one of our great actors that we have in show business, in the business of storytelling. It was a privilege I got to work with her."

Matthew even claims he told Diane about his childhood crush on their first day on set together, but the 54-year-old actress says she "blocked" the memory from her mind.

Speaking in a joint interview for 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: "I think I blocked it out. I don't think he lied. I think he did say that to me day one, and I just had, like, white out. I couldn't cope. I said, 'I'm gonna stay in character. Thank you for the compliment. I am dying. Love you too, babe.'"

The Hollywood hunk's crush on Diane wasn't the only soft spot between co-stars on the 'Serenity' set either, as fellow star Anne Hathaway - who plays Matthew's ex-wife in the feature - recently admitted Matthew's good looks made her forget her lines.

Anne - who has been married to Adam Shulman since 2012 - said: "I'm sitting there and we're doing our scene and Matthew's like a brother to me so I don't think about all that other stuff ... But I'm looking at him and nobody is talking and I go, 'Oh it's my line!'

"Why did I forget my line? Oh because you're handsome! I was just staring at him and I forgot my line because he looked like a fragrance model which then it occurred to me, of course, he is!"

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