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Matt Willis doubts his acting auditions

Matt Willis is worried that film producers will see him as the "d***head from Busted" in his film auditions.

Matt Willis doubts his acting auditions


Matt Willis is convinced he'll be labelled as the "d***head from Busted" in film auditions.

The 36-year-old singer - who made a name for himself as a member of the popular noughties rock band - has landed the role of eccentric casting director Anthony Costalino in the new comedy-crime film 'Madness in the Method' alongside Teri Hatcher and Vinnie Jones but, despite the new gig, he doesn't have much faith in himself when he puts himself forward for parts.

Speaking to The Sun Online about his character, Matt said: "I think it comes from my kind of idea of what I think castings are going to be like.

"Maybe it's my weird f****d up head that tells me that things are going to go terribly wrong or they actually do. What's that saying? You suffer more in your mind than in your reality.

"I always think that castings are going to go terrible, there's that f***ing d***head from Busted, I aways think people are going to think that. So I kind of based it on what I thought that would be like, when actually every casting I go to is awesome. People are really f***ing nice. I've seen more women casting directors these days. They're charming lovely people and so I don't know where I get this idea that they're going to be horrible."

Despite his love for acting, Matt is a lot more selective on the roles he takes on now.

He explained: "When I first started doing auditions when I was 14, I remember feeling like a piece of cow. Like sit in a corridor, come in, say two lines to camera and next. But I don't really do that anymore."

And Busted - also comprised of James Bourne and Charlie Simpson - is his "priority" at the moment but he thinks in time acting will become his main focus.

He said: "At the minute Busted takes priority. It kinda has to. I've got two other people in the band but we have some work commitments at the minute and then we don't know what's going to happen.

"It's one of those things where we will never break up ever again because we don't have to. We're three adults who love each other in some f***ed up way, and if any of us wanted to do anything else for whatever reason, we would be totally cool with the other person doing that.

"I think we all have things that we wanna do in our lives, like I really love acting. I really wanna focus on that the older I get.

"I see myself doing less music and more acting if it goes the way I feel right now."

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