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Matt Terry has songs for Ariana Grande

Former 'X Factor' winner Matt Terry has reportedly been asked to write songs for Ariana Grande after her manager Scooter Braun was impressed with the material he's been working on.

Matt Terry has songs for Ariana Grande


Matt Terry has reportedly been asked to write songs for Ariana Grande.

The former 'X Factor' champion - who won the singing competition in 2016 - has been penning some tunes while he's starring in 'Madagascar The Musical', and they have caught the attention of the 'thank u, next' hitmaker's manager Scooter Braun.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Although Matt's been really busy performing on stage, writing music is still his passion

"Scooter heard some of his songs and asked him for some options for Ariana.

"Matt's really chuffed with the interest, especially as he's a such a huge fan of Ariana. If it goes well he hopes it could lead to his pop career relaunching."

The 25-year-old singer doesn't hold back with his writing, and 2017 debut LP 'Trouble' was full of personal lyrics.

He previously said: "The whole album is all based around my past relationship in the past two years of my life really. It is like the beginning of the relationship when everything is up high and then it starts to crack and then the break-up and after how I felt.

"It's definitely really personal. I've already been on 'The X Factor' and poured my heart out to the world. I just though why not just do it again. I feel the public already know me anyway all of my fans are like family.

"I called it 'Trouble' because I feel like I got myself into a situation where I was really stuck in a relationship that wasn't really working, but I was too scared and not brave enough to just finish it. That little rut that I was stuck in."

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