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Matt Lucas to star in first recording of The Hunting Of The Snark

Matt Lucas is to play the role of Billiard Marker in the first ever full-length recording of Mike Batt's 1991 musical 'The Hunting of the Snark'.

Matt Lucas to star in first recording of The Hunting Of The Snark


Matt Lucas is part of an all-star line-up for the first ever full-length recording of the score of West End Show 'The Hunting Of The Snark'.

The 44-year-old actor will play the role of Billiard Marker - originally played by the late comedian-and-broadcaster Kenny Everett - alongside Philip Quast and John Partridge in the recording of Mike Batt's music.

The production was based on the 1876 poem by Lewis Carroll and Batt staged the show at the Prince Edward Theatre in 1991, featuring Quast as the Bellman and Partridge as the Butcher, and the pair are reprising their original parts.

'Little Britain' star Lucas admits he was "enchanted" by Batt's music growing up and he is very excited to be part of the project.

He said: "I grew up listening to Mike's music and I'm really excited to be working with him. I remember watching the concert version on TV and being enchanted by it, and I can't wait to start learning the songs."

'Celebrity MasterChef' winner Partridge, 47, added: "This score is, without doubt, a masterpiece, and I am so looking forward to hearing it again after all this time. I was 19 when the voyage began, 28 years ago! Thanks to all those who will have helped to make it happen."

Although he is excited to get started on the recording, Batt, 69, admits it will be bittersweet working on his musical again without his friend Kenny - who died at the age of 50 in 1995.

The songwriter said: "This is such a great development. With Kenny Everett, my late buddy, so sadly missed I can think of no one I would prefer to play this part than Matt. I'm also delighted that 'Snark originals' Philip Quast and John Partridge, having gone from strength to strength in their careers, were still willing to take a step into the past and help me re-create the old magic. It's a great start to the casting process of what is a very ambitious project, particularly in today's challenging music business environment."

Asked why he is undertaking this project Mike explains "I have always wanted to make a recording of the full score, in addition to the shorter concept album that exists already, because the full dramatic piece contains so much more material that has never been recorded or released, and as an entirety I consider it to be the centrepiece of my life's work to date."

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