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Matt and Emma Willis schedule seeing each other

Matt and Emma Willis "block out time" to see one another because their busy schedules meant they barely had time together.

Matt and Emma Willis schedule seeing each other


Matt and Emma Willis have to "block out time" to see one another.

The Busted rocker admitted he and his 43-year-old wife have been so busy with work, they rarely saw one another for weeks on end so have made some changes to their hectic schedules.

He said: "There were moments in our life where we were like, 'F**k man we never see each other.'

"We said, 'We can't do this anymore', Busted were on tour for about five months and she was working all the time so I would see her for like an hour or something like every three weeks.

"She'd have to work [when] I'd be home so it was becoming progressively more difficult, so now we block out time.

"We always have a month in the summer when we're together, and something has to be really f***ing important to break that up."

And the couple - who have children Isabelle, nine, Ace, seven, and Trixie, three, together - "prioritise" their family time ahead of anything else.

Matt added to MailOnline: "The thing is even though we seem really busy, we both have big periods of time at home with the kids, we kind of prioritise that, we have a lot of weekends together now."

The 'What I Go To School For' hitmaker credits communication as the key to their happy marriage.

He said: "I'm very open with my feeling these days and that's our marriage as well. We talk about everything, let each other know if things aren't okay, and make time for each other, make the important times worth it."

The 36-year-old singer feels "very lucky" to have the former 'Big Brother' presenter by his side, throughout all the "waves" of life.

He said: "You kind of go through waves in life when things can be going really well or not be going so well, and it's important to have someone for all those times."

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