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Mark Wright is 'broody' all the time

Mark Wright says he is always broody and would love to have children but thinks he and his wife Michelle Keegan are currently too busy with their careers to start a family.

Mark Wright is 'broody' all the time


Mark Wright says he is "broody all the time" and would love to have a child with his wife Michelle Keegan.

The 32-year-old presenter - who has been married to former the 'Coronation Street' star since 2015 - is very open about the fact that he wants to become a father but he doesn't know if it's the right time for him and Michelle, 31, to try for a baby because they are both so busy with their careers.

In an interview on 'This Morning' on Monday (04.03.19), he said: "I'm always broody, I love kids. We're not in a rush because we are both so busy. She is off to do another series of 'Our Girl' soon and then potentially another series of something else so that's this year taken up."

The former 'TOWIE' star admits his mother Carol and Michelle's mother Jacqueline are both very eager to be grandmothers and neither are afraid to ask the couple when they're going to become parents.

He said: "As soon as we got married from our mums it was like, 'Right, when are we gonna be grandmas?' It was like, 'Chill out!' But now it's been four years there's obviously pressure and pressure. But it's fine, obviously it's fun pressure and everyone is excited for the day it does happen."

Mark relocated from the UK in 2017 to Los Angeles to work as a showbiz correspondent for entertainment news show 'EXTRA', but he has confirmed that he is now back in England for good because he missed so many things about his home country.

He said: "I'm done (with LA). I'm done, I'm back, I got back about a month ago. I did just under two years. I loved every minute of it but I just missed England. I missed just normality and the reality of it. I'd wake up on a Saturday morning and my mates would already be playing football and my brother was playing and my dad was watching him up North. I woke up at 8am on a Saturday it was 4pm, obviously, in England. I was just like, I just wanna be at home! I missed all the things that we moan about."

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