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Madonna turned down Pink hit

Linda Perry has revealed Madonna turned down 'Get The Party Started' before it became a huge hit for Pink.

Madonna turned down Pink hit


Madonna turned down Pink's 'Get The Party Started'.

Linda Perry - who has penned some of the biggest pop songs of all time, including 'Beautiful' for Christina Aguilera - has revealed that she had offered the hit song to the Queen of Pop, but the 'Papa Don't Preach' hitmaker, 60, didn't want it.

The song became the first single on Pink's second album 'Missundaztood' in 2001, and reached the top 10 in many countries.

On how it landed in the 'So What' singer's hands, the 53-year-old songwriter spilled: "I sent it to Madonna and she passed, but a week later, Alecia [Pink] called.

"She left me this really crazy message how she would come find me if I didn't call her back.

"I saw what she looked like - she was a bling-bling girl - and I said, 'I think you have the wrong Linda Perry.'

"She's like, 'Is this the Linda Perry who sang 'Dear Mister President' in 4 Non Blondes?' I'm like, 'Yeah.' She's like, 'Well, I have the right person.'

"I had just written 'Get the Party Started' and I go, 'Well, I've got something I wrote last week,' and sent it to her. I guess she sent it to [producer] LA Reid and they said, 'OK, we have our first single.'"

Linda knew all along that she was onto a hit with the track and admitted it was "too easy" to make.

She recalled to Rolling Stone magazine: "'Get the Party Started' was just me figuring out what all this stuff does.

"I came up with that beat, laid it down, found all these weird chords and sounds and put the horns ... I picked up a microphone and said, 'I'm just going to say every clichéd line I can think of.'

"And I came up with, 'Get the party started on a Saturday night' and wrote a bunch of stuff down.

"I called up my manager afterwards and said, 'I just wrote a damn hit.'

"It was too easy."

Linda ended up co-producing and writing the majority of the tracks on 'Missundaztood'.

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