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Lizzo's dating woes

Lizzo admits it is harder to date now she's famous because she doesn't know who is genuine.

Lizzo's dating woes


Lizzo finds it hard to date now she's famous.

The 'Juice' hitmaker admits it is difficult to find love now as she finds it hard to "cipher" out the fakes and see who genuinely likes her.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "No one tried to holler at me before all this s**t, so if you're trying to holler at me now, I don't trust it. There's gotta be something real about you, or you gotta be fine as hell, either or. No shade to the guy last night but he didn't meet that criteria. I definitely understand more and more why famous people be f**king, because it's such an interesting world. I think it's hard to understand what it's like to have a connection with somebody outside of all of this s**t.

"Famous people connect with millions of people at a time and everybody is in love with them and everybody wants you and everybody wanna smash and everybody wanna be your best friend, so it's really hard to kind of cipher through the bulls**t and find the real people. But, I mean, even famous people can be bulls**tters, so I don't know. I might just have to marry myself again. That's another music video."

Meanwhile, Lizzo previously revealed she is waiting for the "right d**k to come along" and loves her freedom and living independently.

She said: "I'm a very, very single bitch. But even if I were in a relationship, I'm a single-minded individual, and I really like my freedom. I think there's a lot of people that need to be in relationships and need to be in love. I want it sometimes, but I don't need it. But if the right d**k comes along, you better believe I'll put it on my wall."

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