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Lionel Richie struggles giving daughters love advice

'Hello' hitmaker Lionel Richie admits he finds it quite difficult giving his daughters love advice, and he relates much more to his son.

Lionel Richie struggles giving daughters love advice


Lionel Richie finds it difficult giving his daughters love advice.

The 'Easy' hitmaker - who is father to Nicole, 38, Sofia, 21, and 25-year-old son Miles - admitted it can be easier to relate to his son because they are "basic knuckleheads", whereas sometimes he doesn't want his girls to tell him as much as they do.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Let me just tell you it falls into two categories. Boys, you know, are basic knuckleheads. So when they come to you, you know what that's all about because you were one of them and probably still are.

"When it comes down to the girls, girls can shock because they're open about their lives now. I remember going to my girls and saying, 'OK, just tell me whatever's on your mind, run it by me and I can help you.'

"They've brought me some stories some days and I went, 'I don't want to know about this [laughs].'"

Lionel insisted the best tactic for married men was to send their daughters to talk to their wife, while telling their sons to simply not "be stupid".

He said: "So all I can say to all the guys out there who have girls, just call your wife in the room and say, 'Honey, you can handle that.'

"And as far as the boys are concerned, just tell them, 'Don't be stupid'. But it is a challenge, especially now with social media."

Meanwhile, the 'Hello' singer recently explained that while he's always on hand for career tips, he would never try to influence his daughters' decisions when it comes to their relationships.

Lionel also has no plans to "step in there" with Sofia's romance with Scott Disick.

He previously explained: "You can't step in there. It just doesn't work. If you're a parent, you'll understand."

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