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Lindsay Lohan sings about anxiety in new track

Lindsay Lohan sings about anxiety and pressure in her comeback single 'Xanax'.

Lindsay Lohan sings about anxiety in new track


Lindsay Lohan sings about anxiety in her new song 'Xanax'.

The 33-year-old actress hasn't released a song since her 2008 single 'Bossy' but fans were treated to a 30-second teaser of her upcoming single on 'The Kris Fade Show' on Virgin Radio Dubai.

Host Kris introduced the song, which will be released "very, very soon" and said: "The song is called 'Xanax'. It's about anxiety and pressure and just taking care of yourself. And I think that's really, really cool. I think there's a really cool message behind it."

On the new track, Lindsay sings: "Would you like to sit next to me? When you kiss me, I can't breathe/ I try to stay away from you, but you get me high/ Only person in this town that I like/ Guess I can take one more trip for the night--just for the night."

In May, Lindsay told fans she was preparing to return to her singing career and had been busy in the recording studio.

She shared a photo of herself in a dimly lit studio booth and simply captioned the Instagram post with a headphones emoji.

The following day, she shared another post, seemingly from the same studio, in which she was singing into a mic.

This one was again captioned with emojis but this time of music notes and a microphone.

Lindsay then confirmed she was busy recording new songs by sharing a news report featuring the studio speculation on her Twitter account and commenting: "Hard At Work (sic)".

The 'Freaky Friday' star - who previously released two albums, 'Speak' and 'A Little More Personal (Raw)', in 2004 and 2005 respectively - also admitted she was hoping to work with her younger sister Aliana Lohan on new music, if her MTV show 'Lindsay's Lohan Beach Club', which saw her revive 'Bossy', was renewed for a second season.

She: "My sister is coming out with her record and I want to support her in that.

"We've talked about writing together and maybe doing something together if we have season two (of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'), or just in general."

However, the show was axed after one season, reportedly due to the lack of drama.

An insider previously explained: "There was a renewal idea that producers hoped would perk it up for a second season. It would be turned into a show about Lindsay and [her mother] Dina and [sister] Ali, [but] that wasn't going to happen.

"The show didn't have enough drama but that's not where [Lohan] is at with her life anymore. Their personal business doesn't need to be aired on television; it's already in the papers anyway."

Lindsay previously said she would consider moving back to New York if she ever took up music again.

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