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Liam Payne's duet 'didn't do much' for personal life

Liam Payne has admitted 'For You', his duet with Rita Ora, "didn't do very much" for his personal life.

Liam Payne's duet 'didn't do much' for personal life


Liam Payne has admitted his duet with Rita Ora "didn't do very much" for his personal life.

The former One Direction singer teamed up with the 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker on 'For You' for the 'Fifty Shades Freed' soundtrack early last year and the pair raised eyebrows with a series of intimate performances to promote the single.

And Liam - who split with girlfriend Cheryl, the mother of his two-year-old son Bear, a few months after the release of the track - has hinted the raunchy song caused some issues for him.

He said: "[The duet] didn't do very much for my personal life! But it did a lot for my... Yeah. No. It was good."

The 'Stack It Up' hitmaker is still good friends with Rita and admitted she is one of his "favourite" people to work with.

He told Closer magazine: "I love her, she's really great and super, super fun to work with.

"Out of all my collaborations, I'd say she's one of my favourites."

Last week, Liam made his red carpet debut with new girlfriend Maya Henry at a launch event for Rita's Escada collaboration at Paris Fashion Week.

The 26-year-old singer recently credited Maya for helping him to feel more relaxed about life.

He said: "She's awesome ... it's kind of got to the point with my life, where I'm like, screw this. It's not worth my happiness. If someone is going to take a picture, someone is going to do something. The difference is with her, she's so relaxed that it helps me relax in a situation ...

"It's been quite nice just going out. I've managed to explore a lot more of London than I ever have actually my life, which has been quite fun.

"My life has been quite normal recently, which has been a break. It's good. I'm enjoying myself right now."

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