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Liam Gallagher thinks Noel will be 'hiding' on 10th anniversary of Oasis' split

Liam Gallagher believes his brother Noel Gallagher will be hiding away on the 10th anniversary of Oasis' split (28.08.19) as he admits "it's terrible man".

Liam Gallagher thinks Noel will be 'hiding' on 10th anniversary of Oasis' split


Liam Gallagher says his estranged brother Noel Gallagher is probably "hiding in a cupboard" on the 10th anniversary of Oasis' split.

The Britpop legends explosively went their separate ways on August 28, 2009, following a backstage bust-up between the bitter siblings, which ended with frontman Liam swinging a guitar at his guitarist brother's head "like an axe", moments before they were due on stage at Paris' Rock en Seine Festival.

Noel, 52, ended up quitting the band - who formed in 1991 - there and then and released a statement which insisted he could no longer work with Liam, 46.

Appearing on Radio X this morning (28.08.19), DJ Chris Moyles reminded Liam what day it was, telling him: "Are you aware that on the 28th of August 2009 your brother walked out of Oasis? It's 10 years ago today."

And the 'Shockwave' hitmaker - who hasn't spoke to Noel since and continues to trade blows with the 'Black Star Dancing' singer - admitted he still feels "the pain" of the break-up to this day.

He replied: "I know. Shame on him. I wonder where he is in the world. I bet he's hiding in a cupboard somewhere in a really dark room.

"It's terrible man. I feel the pain.

"Mate, you can't believe it? I can't believe it, mate. All was good in the world back then.

"Ten years ago, all was good in the world, and now it's all went, you know ... But I think we're doing alright again, so it's all good in the world."

Referencing Taylor Swift, he then added: "These things are meant to happen. These things are meant to try us, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as Taylor Swift says."

The anniversary of their split comes as Liam is gearing up for the release of his second solo album, 'Why Me? Why Not.' - which follows his platinum-selling debut solo effort 'As You Were' - and he has admitted that if the 'Wonderwall' group had made the record "everyone would be losing their 'thing'".

Speaking about the album, which is released on September 20, he said: "Yeah, it's out the day before my birthday, so about a couple of weeks away, which is going to be good.

"Can't wait. I like it. It's a good record. I think if Oasis wrote it or put it out, I think everyone would be losing their, erm, 'thing'."

Meanwhile, the 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker has today (28.08.19) released the music video for his latest single, 'One Of Us', which sees him tackle the break-up of the band, family issues and "a potential reconciliation", as per a press release.

The promo was written by Steve Knight and helmed by Anthony Byrne - the duo behind hit drama 'Peaky Blinders' - and the former said it's turned out to be exactly the story "Liam wanted to tell".

He said: "It was a pleasure for me to venture into this new world of music video.

"No matter what the form, storytelling is storytelling and I really responded to the story Liam wanted to tell. It has become a creatively fruitful collaboration."

Images of the Gallagher siblings, along with their eldest brother Paul Gallagher, 53, feature in the black and white music video, which is titled 'One Of Us: The Ballad of the Blue Eyed Boy', as Liam reflects on their happier years together.

The sombre promo also sees three actors playing the siblings as kids.

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