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Liam Gallagher: I believe Noel doesn't like me anymore

Liam Gallagher thinks that although he still loves his estranged brother Noel Gallagher he now thinks that his former Oasis bandmate genuinely doesn't really like him anymore.

Liam Gallagher: I believe Noel doesn't like me anymore


Liam Gallagher now believes that his estranged brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel Gallagher "doesn't really like" him anymore".

Although the two siblings haven't spoken since August 2009 when Noel quit the 'Supersonic' group, Liam always believed that his older brother "deep down really loved" him but in the wake of his personal attacks this year the 'Shockwave' singer has come to the conclusion that Noel really does dislike him these days.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais' Icon magazine, he said: "People ask me all the time when is Oasis coming back. It doesn't look good right now. I am beginning to believe Noel doesn't really like me anymore. I always thought that he was joking when he would mess with me, that deep down he really loved me. But I have the feeling that it is true - that he doesn't like me. It is a pity. I love him. We are brothers."

Watching from afar Liam, 46, can't work out what makes Noel, 52, happy anymore, insisting he should be loving life because he's finally "the leader" in his touring band the High Flying Birds.

The 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker has also warned Noel that he should be careful about mocking Oasis fans all the time because eventually they will turn their backs on him.

Liam - who is about to release his second solo LP 'Why Me? Why Not.' - fumed: "Noel is in his f***ing world right now. I don't know what's going on with that bastard. He is not happy doing cosmic pop. He is not happy being the leader. He is not happy having all the money ... What the hell makes you happy? He will end up playing in pubs because Oasis fans are going to end up getting feed up with him ... You know what? Kids go to my concerts."

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