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Liam Gallagher in feud with Kaiser Chief's Peanut over stage safety

Liam Gallagher and Nick 'Peanut' Baines are locked in a Twitter feud over the former Oasis' star safety concerns at Romania's Fall In Love Festival.

Liam Gallagher in feud with Kaiser Chief's Peanut over stage safety


Liam Gallagher has hit out at Kaiser Chiefs' Nick 'Peanut' Baines after he mocked him for pulling out of Fall In Love Festival in Romania.

The former Oasis frontman was due to perform at the new music event on September 1, but decided against playing his set on the day due to safety concerns regarding the stage.

He tweeted: "Due to safety issues with the stage, we've been advised not to perform at the Fall in Love festival tonight. Absolutely gutted that we've come all this way and we can't perform for you but safety comes first as always. Love LGx (sic)"

Kaiser Chiefs performed on the same stage 30 minutes before Liam was due on, and Peanut made a dig at Liam and quipped that they "must've broken it" by "putting on a rock n roll show".

The 'I Predict A Riot' rocker tweeted Liam: "If we found out a stage wasn't safe, we'd tell the other bands on there too, right? 'Safety comes first as always' - for everyone. We must've broken it by putting on a rock n roll show 30mins before you #fallinlovefest. (sic)"

Now the 'Once' singer has logged onto the micro-blogging site to take aim at the keyboardist for his remark and proceeded to tell him his band needs to get a "decent" tour manager who can spot these kinds of things - otherwise they'll be heading for an "early bath".

The outspoken rocker also couldn't resist slagging off Peanut's "daft looking head".

In an expletive-laden rant, he said: "This 1s for P***FLAP out of the KAISER CHEIFS all that money you spend on props ie your daft looking head I'd spend on getting yourself a decent tour manager who spots these kind of things otherwise you and your band will be going for a early bath LG x (sic)"

Liam, 46, then followed up his tweet by adding that it's "naff" people "like you" that give Leeds - where the Kaiser Chiefs are from - "a bad name".

He wrote: "Ps it's naff ***** like you that give Leeds a bad name as you were LG x (sic)"

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