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Lamar Odom's dancing therapy

Lamar Odom finds it very "therapeutic" opening up about his overdose and being on the 'Dancing with the Stars' dancefloor.

Lamar Odom's dancing therapy


Lamar Odom finds it very "therapeutic" opening up about his overdose.

The 39-year-old basketball star nearly died at a ranch in 2015 and was rushed to hospital, where he suffered 12 seizures and six strokes, as well as having his lungs collapse, his kidneys rupture, and his heart stop twice, but he admits now that it was good to be able to open up about it on 'Dancing with the Stars'.

He said: "Every time I explain my story, it's like a therapy session for me. So, it's very therapeutic. Even getting out here on the dance floor is therapeutic for me."

And Lamar - who has made it through to next week's show - is grateful to his fans for sticking by him as he promised to be better with the dancing next time.

He shared to Entertainment Tonight: "I gotta give all the thanks to the fans. I love them, they love me, I guess. I don't know what else to say, 'cause I was terrible today. Hopefully I do great next week, so I can stay on. Being authentic is part of my personality. Hopefully I can just keep at it."

Lamar's professional dance partner Peta Murgatroyd is also grateful for the support after the basketball player received the lowest score of the night - 12 out of 30.

She said: "I'm excited that his fan base has pulled us through, because yes, he's done it way better than what you just saw. We had been nailing it in dress rehearsal, and tonight I think maybe the nerves just got the best of you a little bit, and the memory issues a little bit. But we're on to another week."

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