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Kylie Jenner takes dog to laser salon

Kylie Jenner took her dog Norman to the laser clinic with her over the weekend.

Kylie Jenner takes dog to laser salon


Kylie Jenner took her pet pooch with her to the laser salon over the weekend.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star had her final hair removal session on Sunday (02.04.17) at SEV Laser Aesthetics in Hollywood, California, but clearly needed some moral support as she took her four-legged friend Norman along with her.

Taking to her Snapchat account, the brunette beauty uploaded a video of her Italian greyhound sitting on the backseat of her plush car before they entered the clinic.

However, Norman wasn't willing to hold the 19-year-old star's hand while she was zapped with the device and, instead, took the time to get some shut eye on the sofa.

Once she caught a glimpse of Norman snoozing in the corner, Kylie whipped out and her phone and zoomed into his flickering eyelids.

She said with a giggle: "Norman, are you falling asleep?"

Meanwhile, Kylie is known for giving her dogs the life of luxury as Norman and her other dog Bambi - who bred and had two puppies - have their own bedrooms, complete with a plush bed and fancy fireplace, inside her lavish mansion in California.

Taking to her Snapchat this year, Kylie uploaded photo of her furry friends' abode.

She wrote alongside the shot: "Norman & Bambi's room (sic)."

It's not known if her other puppy Penny, who was given to her by her best friend Jordyn Woods for her birthday in August last year, has a separate room or whether she shares with Kylie's little sausage dog Ernie in a different area of the expensive house.

The dogs also have their own Instagram profile, which features photos of them.

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