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Kristen Bell's daughter only just realised she's famous

Kristen Bell's youngest daughter Delta, five, only just realised her mother is famous.

Kristen Bell's daughter only just realised she's famous


Kristen Bell's daughter only just realised she is famous.

The 'Frozen' star has revealed her youngest daughter Delta, five, has only just clocked on to her and her husband Dax Shepard's fame.

Speaking to PeopleTV at the Emmys, she said: "When my kids realised I was famous, I wasn't there, but I think it started when my five-year-old daughter asked Dax ... she said, 'Do people listen to Armchair Expert because of you or [co-host] Monica [Padman]?' And Dax said, 'Well, both, but maybe they tune in because I'm the famous one.' And she goes, 'You're famous?!' And he goes, 'Why do you think sometimes in public people ask me and Mommy to take pictures?' And she goes, 'Mommy's famous?!' I don't know that she knows what that means, but it did seem to stun her."

The 39-year-old actress - who also has Lincoln, six, with Dax - is searingly honest with her kids and she previously revealed she is preparing her children to cope with death.

She said: "I think giving them the tools to understand that certain things happen at a young age is important. We're not morbid about it. We don't talk about death, but she asks, we tell her. We're prepared as a family.

"We have all sort of made peace with it, and we've talked to our kids about it. They know that Papa's gonna die ... As a parent, in my life, what I really want to give to my kids is the science of it and the critical thinking of it."

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