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Kimberley Walsh wants a big family

Kimberley Walsh has admitted she wants to have a big family because she is one of four - but her husband Justin Scott might need some "persuasion".

Kimberley Walsh wants a big family


Kimberley Walsh wants a "big clan".

The former Girls Aloud singer hasn't "fully decided" whether or not she wants siblings for Bobby, five, and two-year-old Cole - who she has with husband Justin Scott - but admitted the idea of a large family holds a lot of appeal.

Asked if she wants more kids, she said: "I wouldn't rule it out. I've not fully decided.

"I wouldn't even try for a girl but I like the idea of having a big clan.

"I'm one of four and I like the idea of my little group.

"Justin might need a bit of persuasion there, as it's pretty full on with the two of them.

"He's so happy with the boys and where we're at, he would never be like, 'We need another'.

"He knows that I love babies and that I'll probably never say no. So we'll see."

Bobby recently started school and his brother misses him now he's not around as much.

Kimberley said: "They're so cute. Bobby's just started school and Cole cries for him every morning.

"They give each other a big kiss. They either love each other or are fighting - there's no in-between."

Because of her hectic schedule and new commitment to 'Big the Musical', Kimberley admitted she and her husband don't get to spend as much quality time together as they would like.

She added to new! magazine: "I think it's good the boys see we both work.

"Between me and Justin, it's very much a partnership...

"We don't do enough [date nights] to be honest. I've realised that, now I'm doing the musical.

"I don't see him in the evenings, so on Sundays we might have to do a date night, just to force us to spend that time together.

"We do spend time together at home but we can't be bothered to go out."

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