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Kimberley Walsh still wants four kids

Former Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh still wants to have four kids but the lack of sleep is "the only thing" that puts her off from expanding her brood with her husband Justin Scott.

Kimberley Walsh still wants four kids


Kimberley Walsh still wants to have more kids but the lack of sleep puts her off.

The 37-year-old star is already mother to sons Bobby, five, and Cole, two, but has always dreamed of having four children, however, she doesn't know if she and her husband Justin Scott could cope with the sleep deprivation a baby brings.

In an interview with OK! magazine, Kimberley said: "I always thought I'd have four kids, but you have to go with the flow. I think Justin's OK about having more, so it's all about timing. The only thing that puts me off is that everyone's getting sleep again. I have to be realistic as we've got two really energetic boys and we're both working."

Kimberley has felt full of energy this year now that she's reclaimed a full night's slumber now Cole is a toddler.

She added: "I feel the most energetic that I have been in a long time. I think it's because my boys are a bit older, so I'm slightly less exhausted."

The former Girls Aloud star recently appeared in a musical production of the Tom Hanks film 'Big' and although she loves being on stage she did find it hard to be away from her kids when she was working nights.

She said: "Being away from the kids was the hardest part of 'Big'. It might be easier when they're old enough to understand, but right now I don't want them to feel like I'm not there. Having family time is important, so for Cole's third birthday in December, we'll have everyone over."

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