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Kimberley Walsh predicts Girls Aloud reunion in 'a couple of years'

Girls Aloud could reunite "in a couple of years", according to band member Kimberley Walsh.

Kimberley Walsh predicts Girls Aloud reunion in 'a couple of years'


Kimberley Walsh thinks a Girls Aloud reunion could happen "in a couple of years".

The 37-year-old star doesn't think the 'Biology' hitmakers will be getting back together anytime soon, but won't rule out the possibility, particularly because she still regularly sees bandmates Cheryl and Nicola Roberts.

She said: "A reunion isn't on the cards anytime soon.

"It doesn't seem like the right time really.

"For anyone else, a reunion and seeing us together might be like, 'Yay!' - but Cheryl, Nicola and I are really close and we're together all the time anyway.

"But who knows in a couple of years? We'll see."

But Kimberley insisted there is no rift with remaining members Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding as they were never as close to them.

She told Closer magazine: "Cheryl, Nicola and I were always really close in the group.

"Nadine and Sarah always had their own things going on with their own friends and family and us three were just really connected and had a genuine friendship that I don't think will ever go.

"Whereas, for the others, it was more like 'work friendships'."

Kimberley recently admitted she doesn't think there is as much demand for a Girls Aloud reunion as there was for the Spice Girls' comeback.

She said: "There is no Girls Aloud reunion on the cards right now. "The Spice Girls had a phenomenal career but it was very short, over four or five years.

"We literally lived and breathed each other so I think more time needs to have passed for anybody to get those feelings of getting us back together.

"There is less urge and desire to bring it back because we did it all."

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