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Kieran Hayler 'hurt' by kids jibes

Kieran Hayler has been left "hurt" by cruel jibes his children have repeated that their mother Katie Price allegedly made to them.

Kieran Hayler 'hurt' by kids jibes


Kieran Hayler has been left "hurt" by his kids repeating cruel comments allegedly made by their mother Katie Price.

The 31-year-old former stripper split from the 'Loose Women' star in December 2017 after four years of marriage and he is often left upset when he has custody of their two kids Jett, five, and Bunny, four, because they repeat the unkind comments they've overheard their mother say about him.

He told new! magazine: "I just don't want everything to be a drama. Not one part of me wants to fight. I don't want the kids to come home telling me, 'Mummy hates me.'

"Kate says a lot of things in front of the kids that they repeat and a lot of it is not very nice, let's put it this way.

"Jett came home once and said, 'Mummy says you're a d**khead.' I think everything she does now is to hurt me."

Kieran also revealed Katie, 40, has clashed with his new partner, Michelle Pentecost, whose son Valentino attends the same school as Jett and Bunny.

He explained: "They've had cross words before. I advised Michelle not to talk to Katie at school, to just grab her son and leave, because you never know which way Katie will go.

"But Kate had seen some pictures of Michelle with Bunny and because Michelle didn't talk to her, Kate will like, 'If you can cuddle my daughter, you can say hi to me.'

"It's not like she's ever gone out of her way to p**s Katie off."

Kieran is thankful Katie's first husband, Peter Andre, has encouraged him to maintain a relationship with their children Junior, 13, and Princess, 11, but he thinks the situation is too difficult at the moment.

He said: "I've spoken to Pete since the split and he was very keen for me to stay in contact with them, but there's a lot going on with Pete and Kate at the moment, and I don't want to be involved in all that. But it does sadden me.

"I was in their lives for five years and I still want to talk to them as much as I can.

"It's just awkward to be hanging around, trying to spend time with them while Kris is there. It's just another guy involved."

Katie also has disabled son Harvey, 16, from a relationship with Dwight Yorke and Kieran admitted he's upset that the teenager is already calling his estranged wife's new partner, Kris Boyson, 'Daddy'.

He said: "I was really close to Harvey. I was pretty much his carer, washing him and giving him meds, but the thing that saddened me most is that when I was still living in the house, he referred to Kris as 'Daddy Kris'.

"That was hard, but if Katie wants Harvey to have that relationship with Kris, who am I to get in the way?

"That's why me and Kris made a point of shaking hands and said we'd get on for the kids' sake."

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