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Kevin Bacon praises wife Kyra Sedgwick on 29th anniversary

Kevin Bacon has shared a heartfelt throwback picture of himself and wife Kyra Sedgwick on their 29th wedding anniversary.

Kevin Bacon praises wife Kyra Sedgwick on 29th anniversary


Kevin Bacon has paid tribute to his wife on their 29th anniversary.

The 59-year-old actor shared a throwback picture of himself and Kyra Sedgwick - who he married on September 4, 1988 - to celebrate their latest milestone, and posted a heartfelt message about the actress.

He wrote on Instagram: "Happy day to my life love @kikkosedg #29years (sic)"

Kevin appears topless in the retro picture and has his arms draped over Kyra, but Bacon certainly didn't seem to be hamming up his emotions as he posted another serious snap of the happy couple along with their late pet pooches Tybalt and Jane.

The star wrote: "#29yearsandcounting @kikkosedg (Tybalt and Jane miss u) (sic)"

The 'I Love Dick' actor also showed off the funny side of his relationship over the years by posting a conversation between the pair about him accidentally eating some carrots which were supposed to be for a homemade soup.

In the conversation Kyra asks if he took the carrot and he replies: "We ate it last night."

She then replies: "K- it was for the soup (sic)"

He adds: "Oh s**t sorry. I can run to da store? (sic)"

Kevin captioned the image: "#29years @kikkosedg (sic)"

The pair met on the set of the PBS version of play 'Lemon Sky' and have starred alongside one another in several projects, including 'The Woodsman', 'Murder in the First', and 'Loverboy'.

Kyra made her directorial debut in Lifetime TV film 'Story of a Girl', and she cast Kevin as diner owner Michael because she thought he would generate money for the project.

She said: "I always wanted Kevin to be in it to play Michael. I just thought it was a great role for him and the truth is, when we were trying to make it as an independent feature, we were trying to raise money and I asked him if he would be interested in playing that role - not because I thought he would be brilliant, but frankly because he would get the movie made."

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