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Kerry Katona would sell her own sex tape

Although she has never made a sex tape, Kerry Katona would happily sell X-rated footage of herself but she warned it would be a disappointingly short amateur effort due to the poor bedroom prowess of her exes.

Kerry Katona would sell her own sex tape


Kerry Katona would sell own sex tape - although it would be "about 30 seconds long" due to the lacklustre bedroom skills of her exes.

The 39-year-old star claims she has never felt the urge to film herself making love to any of her previous partners but if did have X-rated footage of herself she'd have no qualms about cashing in on it.

However, she joked it would be the shortest celebrity sex tape ever because most of her former lovers did not last very long between the sheets.

Writing in her 'Keeping up with Kerry' column in New! magazine, she said: "I've never done a sex tape but it would be about 30 seconds long, what with my exes. Blink and you'd miss it! If I ever did one I'd sell it. Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton got famous after flogging theirs. It's gonna go viral anyway, so you might as well make money from it."

Kerry has had three husbands, George Kay, Mark Croft and Brian McFadden, and had a few boyfriends in between her marriages

In her column, the former Atomic Kitten star went on to explain that she should have known her first spouse Brian - with whom who she has daughters, Molly, 17, and 16-year-old Lilly-Sue - "didn't love her anymore" when he brought her a £2,000 robotic dog for Christmas one year.

She said: "It made me laugh when I heard that multi-millionaire footballer Peter Crouch had bought his wife Abbey Clancy a phone charger for Christmas. She said she 'wanted to throttle him' and I can totally relate to that! My ex Brian McFadden really disappointed me one year. I was pregnant with Lilly and living in Dublin with him and he thought it was a good idea to get me a robotic dog. What the hell did I want with a £2k robotic dog when I had a baby and another one on the way.?

"I was fuming! Brian always used to buy me jewellery and Cartier watches so to end up with a metal dog that Christmas was just gutting, I should have known right then that he didn't love me anymore."

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