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Kerry Katona would consider Botox

Kerry Katona says she is "pretty open" to having Botox as long as it's done in "moderation".

Kerry Katona would consider Botox


Kerry Katona is "pretty open" to Botox.

The singer and television personality hasn't ruled out using the cosmetic procedure to alter her face but insists she would only do it in "moderation".

She told new! magazine: "So I've had my lips done! Only a tiny tiny tiny bit of filler but I love it. I had them a year and a half ago at the Belle Aesthetic Clinic and when they gave me the opportunity to redo them, I jumped at the chance. I don't mind trying new things. I'm pretty open when it comes to a bit of filler or Botox, so long as it's in moderation. I think it looks beautiful - in fact, I reckon I look like Mick Jagger!"

Her comments come just a few months after she insisted she would never get Botox because she doesn't think she looks like herself anymore.

She said: "I had some Botox done on my face. The trouble is, it's left me looking bloody bizarre. I had some in my forehead and the side of my eyes, just to spruce me up a bit, and it looks so odd - in fact, it doesn't really look like me. I really regret it but it's supposed to wear off in 12 weeks. After that I won't be doing any more - promise!"

The former Atomic Kitten singer also admitted she was in a lot of pain after undergoing a breast reduction and uplift but she's happy with having had that procedure.

She said: "I'm currently in a lot of pain and very bruised after my boob uplift - but I can't wait to show the final results in a few weeks ... It annoys me when people kick off about celebs and freebies. Sorry but it's rampant in this industry. When people moan about me getting a free boob job, don't tell me they wouldn't do the same given the opportunity. They only take the moral high ground because they're not getting it for nothing."

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