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Kerry Katona 'terrified' when ex hid from her

Kerry Katona claims George Kay once "hid" in her wardrobe after she threw him out, leaving her terrified.

Kerry Katona 'terrified' when ex hid from her


Kerry Katona claims George Kay once "hid" in her wardrobe after she threw him out.

The 'Whole Again' singer had a turbulent relationship with her late third husband - who died from an apparent overdose in July - and he left her terrified on one occasion when she'd asked him to leave their home but he snuck back in.

She wrote in her column for new! magazine: "It can be tough when it comes to exes. George once hid in my wardrobe after I kicked him out - it was terrifying when I found him, but sometimes people don't know when to draw the line."

Kerry - who has five-year-old daughter Dylan-Jorge with George and Molly, 17, Lilly-Sue, 16, Heidi, 12, and Maxwell, 11 from previous relationships - recently banded George a "psychopath" and claimed she was "happy" he died when their little girl was so young.

She said: "He was a psychopath. To be honest, I'm happy he died when he did, when DJ is at this age because he was gonna die anyway and it saves her having to grow up witnessing all these episodes he would have had. You have to remember the hell he put us through."

Kerry also revealed her fears that George would hurt their daughter.

She said: "If God gave me George back for one day and I had the choice to give him DJ for that one day, I'd say no. Knowing George, he'd take her with him. I'll never doubt how much he loved her - he idolised her - but he was a psychopath."

Kerry also admitted that she "hates" George for what he put her through when they were married.

She said: "I said goodbye privately at the chapel of rest two days after he died. My mum came with me and I just shouted at his body. I was screaming, 'You d**khead. What have you done?' He was lying there smirking. I kept asking him, 'Why have you done this to DJ?' The morgue people must have thought I'd lost it."

Kerry married George in 2014 but they split in October 2015, after 11 months together.

The duo gave it another go but they split again in 2017, although they were still married when he died.

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