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Kerry Katona remembers ninth birthday snub over lesbian mum

Kerry Katona says her worst ever birthday took place when she was nine because no one turned up to her party because her mother was revealed to be a lesbian.

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Kerry Katona remembers ninth birthday snub over lesbian mum


Kerry Katona's ninth birthday was ruined when no one turned up to her party because her friends' parents found out her mum was a lesbian.

The 38-year-old TV star "hates parties" because she cannot forget the time she was left with no friends at her own bash at the tender age, something she believes happened because her mother Sue had a female lover.

Writing in her column in the latest issue of New! magazine, she revealed: "I hate parties in general. It stems from my ninth birthday, when my mum threw me a do. She was a lesbian and her sister, who was also gay, and their partners came too. It was the 80s and I'm guessing the prejudice was huge, because not a single other person turned up. I had to play pass the parcel on my own! So I swore I'd never have a birthday do again. And apart from my 30th, which was shown on TV, I haven't."

Kerry and her mother had an unconventional and strained relationship when she was growing up, with the former Atomic Kitten star spending time in foster care, whilst Sue even gave her daughter illegal amphetamine drug speed when she was just 14.

The singer - who has five children, Molly, 17, and Lilly-Sue, 15, with first husband Brian McFadden, Heidi, 11, and Maxwell, 10, with second spouse Mark Croft and Dylan-Jorge, four, with third husband George Kay - also laughed off claims she is in trouble with Lilly-Sue's school for days she has missed.

She said: "Lilly is an A-grade student who has never skipped school in her life, but she's been poorly and had to have a few days off. If I'm working, I sometimes forget to let the school know she won't be in.

"It resulted in me having to answer a charge of failing to send my child to school regularly, but I couldn't make the hearing due to a prearranged work commitment, which the court knew about."

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