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Kendra Wilkinson dating businessman

Kendra Wilkinson is dating businessman Frankie Conti but things are not serious between them.

Kendra Wilkinson dating businessman


Kendra Wilkinson is dating businessman Frankie Conti.

The 33-year-old reality star - who filed for divorce from Frank Baskett six months ago - has been out a "few" times with the 28-year-old marketing manager, but things are not serious between them.

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "She's not dating him exclusively. It's nothing serious.

"They met in July at a charity golf tournament and have gone on a few dates since then."

News of Kendra's new man comes after it was revealed she's enjoying "playing the field".

A source said recently: "Kendra's been talking to a bunch of different guys and having fun after her split. She's playing the field and enjoying the dating scene again after everything she and Hank went through."

Although she's finding it hard to come to terms with her split from Hank, she's adamant she doesn't want to rekindle with him.

An insider said recently: "They're still finalising the divorce and it's a whole process. But they're in communication and are in a healthier space. It's no longer toxic.

"The marriage is definitely over though and they're just trying to work through things as parents and act appropriately for their kids. There's definitely still lingering animosity and hurt feelings but that's just how they are too. They can both be irrational and don't think before they put everything out there."

The former Playboy model filed for divorce from Hank - with whom she has eight-year-old son Hank IV and four-year-old daughter Alijah - in April this year but it's believed they're still finalising things, including the custody agreement.

An insider explained: "Kendra and Hank's divorce is not final yet. It has been a back and forth process and they have been sorting out the custody limitations and agreements, which is prolonging the situation. She understands that a divorce in general takes a great amount of time to process, but is completely over it, [and wants it] to be done and over with."



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