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Kelly Clarkson praises spouse for helping her balance

Kelly Clarkson has praised husband Brandon Blackstock for helping her to balance her home and family life with her work life.

Kelly Clarkson praises spouse for helping her balance


Kelly Clarkson's husband Brandon Blackstock helps her to balance her home and work life.

The 'Since U Been Gone' hitmaker feels lucky to have such a wonderful spouse and they always make time for each other.

She said: "We both love what we do, but we're really good about checking out whenever we make it home from work. Sometimes we'll go out or we'll just listen to music."

And the 37-year-old singer also makes a lot of time for herself too as she doesn't want to "slip back" into her depression.

She added to Parade magazine: "I used to suffer from depression and I could easily slip back into that if I weren't steadily paying attention to time management.

"With all the things that I do, I definitely need time for me. Once I started weeding out [negative] people, it made a huge difference."

Kelly previously insisted motherhood has made her feel even more "sexy and intelligent".

She said: "It's so funny, because I talk to all my mom friends about this all the time. I've always been a confident girl, I've always felt sexy and intelligent. But after becoming a mother, the amount of s**t that you get done, you're so impressed with yourself! It's the most empowering feeling, because it makes you want to worry about the pettiness and trivial things a lot less. I think that trickled down to the messages and sassiness that are on this record. Art is a reflection of your life, so this record is happy and empowering, and I love that."

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