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Katherine Jenkins postpones Australian tour

Katherine Jenkins has been forced to postpone her tour of Australia and New Zealand from November to May 2020 due to album delays.

Katherine Jenkins postpones Australian tour


Katherine Jenkins has been forced to postpone her tour.

The 'Time to Say Goodbye' hitmaker was due to perform in Australia and New Zealand in November but has pushed it back until May 2020 after album delays.

She wrote on Twitter: "It's with great sadness that I have to postpone my upcoming tour, due to an unforeseen timeline to record my new album but I'm looking forward to returning in May next year. Tix will be valid for all new shows but pls contact your original ticketing provider if you can't make it (sic)"

Katherine was expected to kick off her Australian shows at the Riverside Theatre in Perth on November 4, but it will now be the closing date of the tour and take place on June 1, 2020. Melbourne, Hindmarsh, Sydney, Brisbane and Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand are also on the cards for the tour.

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old classical-crossover singer recently admitted she refuses to speak in-between concerts when she is on tour.

She said: "It's a muscle so you have to rest it and unfortunately you have to really, really rest it. So what I do is when I come off I don't speak until the next sound check, so today would normally be a day off, so I wouldn't speak. [Seeing fans] is always such a worry to me because when I'm not speaking, I always worry that people will think that I'm a bit diva-ish and rude.

"So I always try and let them know that I'm not talking and actually happened to me in the airport the other day, and I was trying to buy something and I was with my tour manager, and I said that, 'Please try and explain.' It was so interesting because the lady would then talk back to me, so she actually said, 'Would she like this colour?' And I thought, 'Wow how interesting how you treat people when they can't talk.' "

And Katherine enjoys the experience of being on tour because she loves to sing for fans.

She said: "When people come to the shows I want to give them the best performance that I can. You just have to be responsible because I''m on tour for five weeks, and after that I get time with the family, but I do love being on tour."

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