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Katharine McPhee touring with husband David Foster

Katharine McPhee Foster has revealed she is joining her husband David Foster on tour as a special guest.

Katharine McPhee touring with husband David Foster


Katharine McPhee Foster is joining her husband on tour.

The 'Scorpion' actress has announced she will be the special guest on her new husband David Foster's North American 'Hitman' tour in 2020.

She told People magazine: "David has been part of my career since the beginning. I'm extremely proud to be featured on this tour and to sing some of the incredible songs he has written and produced. His live shows are thrilling so I'm really looking forward to it!"

Whilst David added: "I'm thrilled to be announcing a 2020 US tour and to be coming to cities I have never been to before. This intimate show allows me to tell my story of my experience in the music business for the last 40 years. I bring along some of the greatest voices in the world, including the incredibly talented Katharine McPhee."

Katharine chose to take her husband's name and felt it was very "romantic".

Asked why she decided to take his surname, she said: "I'm a romantic. I've always liked the idea that it's still a traditional thing that exists in our society. I like the idea. I think it's romantic and it's a great last name ... We've been away since we've been married, so not [yet], but I love it. I just love the ring of it, so I'm enjoying it."

Katharine adores being with David, admitting their relationship is just incredibly "easy".

Explaining how much they love being with one another, she added: "We just love being with each other. There's no arguing, no drama. It's just easy. That's how it should be."

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