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Kate Upton encouraging pregnancy conversation

Kate Upton and Kelly Clarkson want to encourage the conversation about pregnancy to reduce the stigma surrounding it.

Kate Upton encouraging pregnancy conversation


Kate Upton wants to encourage the conversation about pregnancy.

The model - who has 11-month-old daughter Genevieve with her husband Justin Verlander - made an appearance on Kelly Clarkson's talk show, where they discussed ending the stigma around pregnancy and birth.

She said: "We should be admiring our bodies that we even created life. The hormones are crazy and no one talks about it. The hormones after pregnancy for me were crazier than when I was pregnant and it took forever for them to calm down. Like months after breastfeeding ... I think I might still be hormonal."

Whilst Kelly - who has River Rose, five, and Remington Alexander, three, with her husband Brandon Blackstock - added: "People don't realise ... there's so much going on after you have a baby. Not only has your body just given up, but your emotional state is kind of crazy."

Meanwhile, Kate previously confessed she refuses to weigh herself after having her child but she knows she is getting "stronger".

She said: "I am definitely making progress, and there's little wins. I personally don't love getting on the scale too much, because it fluctuates from so many things, like breastfeeding, or if I'm bloated or too hydrated or not hydrated enough. It's kind of a buzzkill when you see that number. So I always try to focus on my weights - am I going up in weights, do I feel stronger when I'm doing lunges. I'm definitely getting stronger and feeling better ...

"My whole mindset changed so much, instead of trying to fit into this perfect mould that I thought I was trying to be. As soon as I started caring about my strength, I felt healthier. I felt stronger. I was able to have more energy and be more active. And I was happier, honestly."

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