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Justin Bieber's moustache has taken a 'holiday'

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has taken to Instagram to reveal his moustache has gone on "holiday".

Justin Bieber's moustache has taken a 'holiday'


Justin Bieber's moustache has gone on "holiday".

The 25-year-old pop star has taken to Instagram to reveal that he's decided to shave off his wispy facial hair - but Justin has also promised his 127 million followers that it'll be "back in due time".

Alongside a photograph of his cleanly-shaven face, Justin - who is married to model Hailey Bieber - wrote: "I shaved. MUSTASHIO went on holiday, but he will be back in due time (sic)"

In another caption, posted beneath the image, Justin jokingly wrote: "Baby face BIEB (sic)"

The image of Justin's hairless face has already been liked more than two million times on the photo-sharing platform.

Meanwhile, Justin recently revealed he feels "protective" of Billie Eilish.

The 'Yummy' hitmaker - who found worldwide fame as a teenager - admitted he is eager to support the 18-year-old star.

He explained: "I definitely feel protective of her. It was hard for me being that young, and being in the industry, and not knowing where to turn, and everyone telling me they love me, and just turn their back on you in a second.

"It's hard because I want her to know that she can count on me, but at the end of the day, I don't want to ... I'm never going to force myself to be in relationship with her. It has to be natural, right? I just kind of let her do her thing.

"If she ever needs me, I'm going to be here for her. Just protecting those moments because people take for granted, encounters.

"I just want to protect her. I don't want her to lose it. I don't want her to go through anything I went through. I don't wish that upon anybody. If she ever needs me, I'm just a call away."

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