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Judy star Jessie Buckley has learned to live with anxiety

Irish actress Jessie Buckley - who stars alongside Renee Zellweger in new biopic 'Judy' - has opened up how she has learned to cope with anxiety and panic attacks after struggling with both as a teenager.

Judy star Jessie Buckley has learned to live with anxiety


'Judy' star Jessie Buckley has learned to cope with her anxiety and panic attacks after being "scared" by both as a teenager.

The 29-year-old actress has suffered with the condition since she was at high school and although she still has days when she "gets sad" about it she has developed coping mechanisms which stop her from getting frightened by her anxiety and stop her from trying to hide her feelings.

Opening up to the new issue of ES Magazine, she said: "It's definitely better, but I'm still human. I still have days when I get sad. And I get days when I get happy, and I get days when I get scared. But now I feel the things. I'm not frightened of them. And actually they're all important. You've just got to accept them, invite them in and say, 'Have a cup of tea and what's going on?', instead of trying to repress them. Which I probably did when I was young, 'cause I was scared of them."

Jessie's acting career has been going from strength-to-strength in recent years with roles in critically acclaimed HBO drama series 'Chernobyl', upcoming fantasy movie 'The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle' and soon-to-be released Judy Garland biopic 'Judy', which stars Renee Zellweger as the late actress and musical theatre legend Judy Garland.

Despite often being away on location for shoots, the Irish star has regular therapy sessions to help with her anxiety and to help her process things in her life and she admits it's been "brilliant" for her.

Jessie said: "It's harder [to do] when you're away filming, because you have to build that relationship up. But I bloody love it. It's been brilliant for me. It's about being honest. There's no point pretending. If I don't do that in my own life, how the hell am I meant to play somebody else's?"

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