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Jonas Blue likes to explore on tour

DJ Jonas Blue has revealed he has stopped locking himself away in his hotel room when he's on tour and now gets out to enjoy the cities and countries he is visiting.

Jonas Blue likes to explore on tour


Jonas Blue has stopped being a "recluse" on tour and now makes sure he gets out of his hotel room and explores each country he visits.

The 'Ritual' hitmaker used to be so focused on working on new music in-between shows that he would rarely go out, but this year he has made a vow to experience the best that each city he stops in has to offer.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I used to be a recluse and would just stay in my hotel room and work but now I try and get out now and experience things, whether that's the local cuisine or going to see the sights. I try and do that as much as possible now, take a few hours or an extra day to have a walk around and get out of the hotel room."

The 30-year-old DJ-and-producer - who will be playing all over Europe and America in the coming months - decided to allow himself more freedom when touring because he thinks it's important to enjoy the success he has had with his string of hit singles and live in the moment more.

He added: "With the way my career has gone, and the way things have gone, I can let myself out a little bit and experience what these countries have to offer. It's kind of a reward to myself.

"I used to always be trying to work on the next thing and not stopping to take a look around and enjoy the moment and what I've achieved.

"The first year or two years I was just locking myself away and just focusing on new music and working on it. As much as that is important it's also important to take breaks and be inspired as well. And a new experience can trigger a new song idea, it can come when you're just walking down a market or whatever."

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