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Joe Cornish's miracle movie

Joe Cornish thinks it is a "miracle" that his flick 'The Kid Who Would Be King' was ever made.

Joe Cornish's miracle movie


Joe Cornish thinks it is a "miracle" that 'The Kid Who Would Be King' was ever made.

The 50-year-old filmmaker is responsible for the modern day adaptation of King Arthur, which sees schoolboy Alex - played by Louis Ashbourne Serkis - stumble upon the mythical sword Excalibur and join forces with the wizard, Merlin.

And Cornish is just "grateful" the film got made, as he admitted he likes seeing people's different "reactions" to the fantasy adventure.

Speaking to The Guardian, Cornish said: "I think it's a miracle that it got made. And I feel really grateful and proud that it got made. And that people are seeing it and that reactions, critically and from audiences, are good. I can't complain about anything. It's a real anomaly."

The director also confessed that he likes making movies especially for children because it's "healthy" for them to get stuck into a completely different world.

He added: "I guess superhero movies have started to work for both children and adults in a slightly troubling way. There's something a bit healthy about having something just for children.

"It's not the same period in your life and in your mind. It shouldn't be, should it? I suppose both movies are a sort of way to have children for a bit. To borrow them and then give them back."

Sir Patrick Stewart - who plays Merlin in the movie - previously revealed he re-watched his performance in 'Excalibur' to prepare for 'The Kid Who Would Be King'.

Speaking about his research for the new flick, he said: "I'd watched 'Excalibur', because that was the first large-scale movie that I was ever in. That was 1981, and I wanted to see what themes in that movie would overlap with [writer Joe Cornish's script] ... and there were actually quite a few. Although I think 'Excalibur' was a little bit more harsh, perhaps, than 'The Kid Who Would Be King.'"

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