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Jodie Kidd's guardian angel

Jodie Kidd lives with her "guardian angel", a woman named Rachel who cooks for her family.

Jodie Kidd's guardian angel


Jodie Kidd lives with her "guardian angel".

The 40-year-old model - who is dating Joseph Bates and has seven-year-old son Indio from her relationship with Andrea Vianini - couldn't run her household without the help of Rachel, who cooks for her family and helps plan their week.

She said: "My guardian angel is a woman called Rachel. She lives with us and cooks incredible meals.

"She's been in our family for 62 years and taught me everything I know about cooking.

"After work, we'll talk about what to make and have a glass of wine and a natter together.

"On a Sunday or Monday, we all sit down with Rachel and go through what we want as a family and plan our meals.

"You need to be more organised when you live out in the sticks and you're cooking for four or more people."

After a busy day working, Jodie loves to unwind with a glass of wine though she sometimes worries about her habit.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "My brain is like a lava lamp. It just bubbles along all through the day, constantly thinking about how my partner Joe and son Indio's days are going.

"As soon as I get in, I usually pour myself a glass of red wine and catch up with them. That's our family time...

"It would be nice not to have a glass of wine every night, but it's a lovely, relaxing habit.

"Then I think, 'Oh God, I've had five glasses of wine this week.' "

Despite her worries, the racing driver wouldn't have things any other way.

She said: "I think I've nailed my end of the day.

"There's nothing better than putting your son to bed, having a glass of wine, a lovely bath, and getting into bed with the love of your life."

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