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Jodie Comer 'grateful' to Sandra Oh

Jodie Comer feels "very, very grateful" to her 'Killing Eve' co-star Sandra Oh.

Jodie Comer 'grateful' to Sandra Oh


Jodie Comer feels "very, very grateful" to Sandra Oh.

The 26-year-old actress was stunned to beat her 'Killing Eve' co-star to the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy on Sunday (22.09.19) and she doesn't think the show would be as "humongous" as it is without her friend.

Asked what she whispered to Sandra on her way to the stage at Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater, she said: "I think I said I loved her and I appreciated her.

"Because honestly, this whole experience we've gone through together.

"We believed in the show, but we had no idea how humongous it was going to turn out to be. And to kind of have gone through it with her, she's been extremely generous on the screen, so I'm very, very grateful of her."

The actress also paid tribute to writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who had a very successful evening with her other show 'Fleabag', which won in four categories.

Jodie said: "I knew ['Killing Eve'] was special because of Phoebe. Phoebe is so, so incredible. But it is crazy. I never dreamed that I would be in this position at all.

"I don't know [where I'll put my Emmy]. I'm going to have to keep her safe... can't lose her!"

As well as Sandra, Jodie was nominated alongside Emilia Clarke ('Game of Thrones'), Viola Davis ('How to Get Away With Murder'), Laura Linney ('Ozark'), Mandy Moore ('This is Us') and Robin Wright ('House of Cards') and wasn't expected to win when she was up against so many "phenomenal" actresses.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I just didn't expect it. The women in that category are so phenomenal, and I felt very lucky to be there and be here."

Jodie admitted in her acceptance speech that she hadn't invited her parents to the ceremony because she hadn't expected to win, but after accepting her prize, she called them in the UK and they are "extremely proud" of her.

She said: "I kind of was just like, 'Oh guys, this isn't the time. I don't want you to come and get your hopes up.'

"I just spoke to them. They just said they love me and they were extremely proud of me. So, that was nice."

She jokingly added: "It's also, like, 6 a.m. or something in the UK, so they're probably so drunk right now. There wasn't much stringing of sentences together."



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