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Jesy Nelson banned boyfriend from seeing her make-up free

Jesy Nelson didn't want her boyfriend Chris Hughes to see her without make-up on when they first started dating so she would get up at the crack of dawn to slap on some products before he woke up.

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Jesy Nelson banned boyfriend from seeing her make-up free


Jesy Nelson refused to let her boyfriend see her without make-up on.

The Little Mix star used to get up at the crack of dawn when her partner Chris Hughes stayed over to hide her "insecurities" with products so that he didn't see her naked skin and then she'd go back to bed so that he was none the wiser.

Speaking as part of her BBC Three documentary 'Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out', the 26-year-old hunk said: "One day I think it will click. She is beautiful and she is unbelievable. And she doesn't see that when she takes her make-up off.

"When I first started spending a lot more time with her, especially staying round her house, I noticed that she had insecurities. There'd be times she wouldn't let me see her physically without make-up, especially for the first four or five times where I'd come round here and we'd go on dates and stuff.

"She'd get up in the morning almost before crack of dawn to make sure she was out of bed and putting make-up on and got back in bed with a full face of make-up on. So I used to look at her and think she woke up like that but she was pre-prepared and got up in the morning.

"That again was purely her insecurity to not having make-up on which is why she doesn't really go out in public without make-up on at all. She feels more comfortable as a human being with it on."

But the former 'Love Island' heartthrob loves seeing the 28-year-old pop star in her natural state so much that he's got a picture of her without make-up on his fridge.

He said: "I love it because that is her and that is her with a fresh face. No make-up."

And Chris is always trying to compliment her to boost her confidence.

He said while speaking to her and the camera: "Your eyes are like golf balls. Beautiful. She's got a model jawline. She's got fantastic lips. Her eyebrows are brilliant. Her forehead. Everything about her. And you've got good ears."

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