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Jessica Lange is finished with American Horror Story

Jessica Lange says her appearance in 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' will be her final appearance in the FX anthology series.

Jessica Lange is finished with American Horror Story


Jessica Lange is finished with 'American Horror Story'.

The 70-year-old actress had major roles in FX anthology show's first four seasons, starting in 2011, before leaving the cast only to return as her original character Constance Langdon in the 2018 series 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'.

But despite working with some of her "favourite actors" Jessica is adamant she is done with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's programme because there's nothing more she wants to explore creatively.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said: "I feel like I got the best of it in those first four seasons. Great characters.

"It was exciting to do ... I worked with some of my favourite actors but I can't see that we could ever get back to that."

Jessica returned for 'Apocalypse' because she wanted to end her 'American Horror Story' journey properly.

She explained: "I just wanted that tiny little reprise, that part, that was enough."

Jessica is not done with working with 'Glee' creator Ryan though as she is appearing in his new Netflix musical comedy series 'The Politician'.

Constance Langdon was an important character in season one of 'American Horror Story' which was titled 'Murder House'.

Constance was the next-door neighbour to the Harmon family, and the mother of Tate, played by Evan Peters.

She's also the mother of Michael Langdon, the baby and Antichrist that appeared in season eight.

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