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Jesse Eisenberg says fatherhood has eased his anxiety

Hollywood star Jesse Eisenberg has revealed that becoming a father has helped to combat his anxiety.

Jesse Eisenberg says fatherhood has eased his anxiety


Jesse Eisenberg admits becoming a father has helped to ease his anxiety.

The 34-year-old actor has experienced anxiety since his childhood, but Jesse has revealed that welcoming a son into the world in April 2017 with his wife Anna Strout has transformed his life.

He shared: "Just selfishly, having a child is the best thing anyone can do for their own anxiety, if your anxiety is like mine, which is to say based in fantasy.

"Because I spent the first 30 years worrying about things that were invisible, and now I get to worry about something that's visible, and there's nothing that's more mentally healthy than worrying about something that's actually existing in the world, rather than worrying about something that doesn't exist at all."

Jesse admitted that having a son has also helped him to adopt a more philosophical approach towards his career.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, the Hollywood star explained: "I don't think I care any less about my work, or like it any less - in some ways, I like it more, because it's my one opportunity to get away for a few minutes!

"But I do think if humans have the unconscious desire at all to be immortal, maybe that feeling of immortality is being accounted for in another way through their children, rather than through their work, so maybe it takes the pressure off that."

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