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Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin working on marriage

Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin are working hard on their marriage as they are "determined to keep their family unit together" after a brief split.

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Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin working on marriage


Jermaine Pennant and Alice Goodwin are trying to save their marriage.

The couple are said to be "determined to keep their family unit together" and are working hard at their relationship after a brief split.

A source told The Sun Online: "Like all couples, Jermaine and Alice have their differences but they are determined to keep the family unit together. Jermaine and Alice have had a lot going on, the guest list for the renewal of vows has been an issue, they can't seem to agree on that and of course - the baby talk, Jermaine is broody but Alice wants timing to be right. Also, Jermaine is getting offered shows around the world and he could be travelling a lot."

Soccer star Jermaine and Alice hit a rough patch when the footballer was seen flirting with Chloe Ayling on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Jermaine had insisted it was just a bit of "banter" but Alice was "totally embarrassed" by his actions and he later vowed to "pull out all the stops" to save his marriage.

He told BANG Showbiz at the time: "Well I've apologised for how it may look on the outside and if she's been embarrassed and she's upset and the family. So, I've apologised and she accepted it. So what we do now, is we move on and continue our lives. The way it came out - it looks worse then what it actually was in the inside so I have no idea how it seems on the outside and what backlash has came from it, so obviously she's upset.

"A lot of people have put their 10 pence piece worth in and you know, making it worse. But it was innocent even though it didn't look innocent so, nothing happened, it was just a little bit of flirting. You know, you're in the house for 24 hours - as I keep saying and you know, half of the stuff you've seen wasn't bad in there because you're together a long time."

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