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Jenny Mollen 'wasn't sad' about miscarriage

Jenny Mollen "wasn't sad" when she had a miscarriage eight months into her relationship with Jason Biggs.

Jenny Mollen 'wasn't sad' about miscarriage


Jenny Mollen "wasn't sad" when she had a miscarriage.

The 39-year-old actress had been dating now-husband Jason Biggs for eight months when she unexpectedly fell pregnant, but the 'Angel' star tragically lost the baby.

While she understands how upsetting it could be under different circumstances, Jenny - who now has sons Sid, four, and Lazlo, 15 months, with her spouse - felt her miscarriage gave her a "chance to breathe".

She said: "I ended up having a miscarriage, but it was kind of this weird thing where I wasn't sad about it. I mean, you can't be... this is the thing: I understand women who've tried forever who want to have a baby, and then they're sad because they miscarry.

"But having never had a child, and being 27, 28 years old, a miscarriage can also be like a mitzvah. I was like, "Oh my god." It gave me a chance to breathe."

The 'American Pie' actor recently celebrated a year of sobriety, but his wife admitted Jason, 40, realised he had a problem five years ago, much to her surprise.

Speaking on podcast 'No Filter with Danielle Snyder', she said: "It was 2013, I was doing 'Hawaii Five-O'. He was shooting the first season of 'Orange Is the New Black', he was in New York. He calls me one day and he's like, 'I think I have a problem, I think I'm an alcoholic.' I'm just like, 'What are you talking about?'

"I mean, I know Jason's the type that couldn't have pain pills in the house without eating them, but I just thought he was kind of indulgent. I mean, if there's a tub of ice-cream in the fridge, he'll devour that. He does everything in excess. Which I liked about him.

"He said, 'I drink more than you know, I'm hiding it from you.' That was kind of what surprised me.

"Then he's like, 'I'm going to try to get sober.' So I wasn't invested in it in the way where I'm like, 'You need to get sober because it's affecting our marriage.' So I was like, 'OK, cool. I'll support you on this fad diet.' "

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