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Jenna Dewan is robbed in LA

Jenna Dewan had her $3,000 designer Yves Saint Laurent bag robbed on Monday (26.08.19).

Jenna Dewan is robbed in LA


Jenna Dewan has been robbed.

The 'Step Up' actress had her $3,000 designer Yves Saint Laurent bag taken from the front seat of her Tesla on Monday (26.08.19).

Jenna was parked up in the Los Angeles area when it happened around lunchtime. Officials from the County Sheriff's Department attended the scene on Sunset Strip and TMZ reports that Jenna's boyfriend Steve Kazee also came to support the actress.

Paparazzi allegedly caught a woman dressed in a black hoodie and dark trousers taking the purse but no arrests have been made at the time of writing.

It comes after Jenna recently confessed she was inspired to ride the subway for the first time thanks to her boyfriend Steve.

She explained: "My mom called me and was like, 'Jenna, you've really never rode the subway?' And I was, like, 'No!' I was convinced that if I was by myself riding the subway that I was going to go the wrong way or get lost. I just, like, wasn't super comfortable. But Steve was like, 'No, we're ending that on this trip. You're riding the subway.' Now I have the whole thing down, I know how to get the card and everything!"

And the subway isn't the only thing the 43-year-old broadway star has introduced to his girlfriend, as earlier this year the 'Step Up' star admitted Steve has got her hooked on wrestling.

Speaking to John Cena in April, Jenna said: "Steve, my boyfriend, is a huge wrestling fan. And he got me so into it! I watched WrestleMania by myself, like, he wasn't even in town and I watched WrestleMania. Because I had to know if Becky Lynch was going to beat Ronda Rousey! I was by myself, I ordered it ... and I was sitting there texting [Steve] like, 'Do you know what's happening?' I was hooked!"

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