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Jenna Coleman not rushing to have kids

Jenna Coleman would "love to" have children "one day" but doesn't want to rush into starting a family.

Jenna Coleman not rushing to have kids


Jenna Coleman would "love to" have children "one day".

The 32-year-old actress - who is dating her 'Victoria' co-star Tom Hughes - has played both pregnant women and mothers in a number of her roles and admitted it's exposed her to the "realities" of having a family but that's not something she's considering any time soon.

She said: "That's probably opened up my mind to the realities. Half of my friends have babies, and half don't, so it doesn't feel like a pressure. I want to take my time. There's a whole lot more of the world for me to see first. I'd love to have children one day."

And unlike Queen Victoria, who she portrays in the regal drama, Jenna doesn't want a huge family.

She added in an interview with the new issue of Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "But not nine of them. I can tell you that as a fact."

The former 'Doctor Who' star keeps her romance with Tom private and thinks that has been a "wise" decision.

She said: "I think it's been very wise not to speak about it."

Jenna recently moved into a new home in Islington, north London, and is enjoying having time off to "touch base" with normal life and work on her pad.

She said: "I'm very nesty.

"I like patterns and textures and velvets. Books make me feel grounded. And just walking out of the door to get a coffee in the morning - the luxury of free time.

"I love touching base with normal life. I worked out that last year, I literally spent more time in other people's clothes than in my own, but you've got to look after your own life, too, so you can come to work and bring some sense of reality to it."

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