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James Morrison's daughter doesn't like his early songs

James Morrison has admitted his daughter Elsie isn't a big fan of his early material, and she thought his vocals on 2006 debut 'Undiscovered" made him sound like he had "a bad throat".

James Morrison's daughter doesn't like his early songs


James Morrison's daughter thinks his first album sounds "weird".

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter brought out his debut album 'Undiscovered' in 2006, and while he will be the first to admit he's grown since then, he also revealed his 10-year-old girl Elsie isn't a big fan of his vocals on the early material - which has prompted the desire to record a live album.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I want to do a live album at some point because I do all the old stuff way better now.

"I dunno, I played the first album to my daughter and she said 'Dad, you sound weird! You sound like you've got a bad throat!'

"So I'm at this stage where I can play the old tunes way better than I did back in the day, and I still sound like me. I just wanna keep getting better."

James and his wife Gill have had a tough time over the last few years, including welcoming baby daughter Ada-Rose into the world 13 weeks early and their own relationship problems, but now the family is thriving and strong.

The proud parent will be hitting the road next month for a UK tour, and although it will be difficult being away, he is glad his kids will see him enjoying his work.

He added: "I want to bring my kids up in an environment where they can see someone close to them doing what they care about and seeing it work.

I was brought up in an environment where no one did what they loved, and everyone constantly hated their job and that's life.

It's an amazing thing for me, personally, to give my children what I never had."

On Friday (08.03.19), James will release his sixth album 'You're Stronger Than You Know', which he working on during a difficult time of his life, but he admitted the process - including working with friends on new label Stanley Park - was cathartic.

He beamed: "It's been way more enjoyable than any other album I've ever made. It was just quick. I had a lot of time to write songs, and then I got the songs recorded really quickly.

"So it's just a freshness about it, the way we did it, it didn't allow us time to over stress about anything."

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