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James Arthur says Simon Cowell apologised for Syco snub

'Say You Won't Let Go' singer James Arthur claims Simon Cowell apologised for making a "mistake" by dropping him from Syco.

James Arthur says Simon Cowell apologised for Syco snub


James Arthur says Simon Cowell apologised for dropping him from Syco.

The former 'X Factor' champion was signed to the music mogul's record label in 2012 but he was dropped just two years later after controversy over a song featuring aggressive lyrics, but in 2016 he was welcomed back.

Speaking to Sarah-Jane Crawford backstage at Radio Hits Live, James said: "I re-signed to Syco and they asked me to perform on 'The X Factor' on the same day.

"[Simon] was very humble, he said: 'Thank you very much for accepting us again, we made a mistake before, you've been A-listed on all the radio stations'. It felt like all my dreams have come true."

Although the 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker is in a much better place now, he admitted he was worried his career was over when he parted ways with Syco.

He added: "I'll never forget the day it was two-and-half years ago and I was like: 'I'm done, I'm on the scrapheap'.

"That was September 2016 and I'm sitting there in my flat about to release this song and no labels in the UK would take it, I was blacklisted as I'd been a naughty boy."

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old musician has previously revealed his plans to explore an acting career.

Speaking late last year, he said: "I've taken a couple of acting lessons. I've had people reach out and ask me if I want to come to auditions... When people ask me what other goals I've got and what are the ambitions I've got, it's definitely acting."

The British star thinks his troubled past, which saw him struggle with suicidal thoughts after being dropped from, and his battle with a drug addiction, will allow him to take on a range of different roles.

He said previously: "I want to become a Hollywood film star. I genuinely would love to be in some movies. I am a massive film geek and I love movies.

"I have been through, and seen so many dramas and traumas, and been in so many situations that I can probably interpret a few different characters."



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